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Emergency Hemp Industry Meeting
Emergency Hemp Industry Meeting
Wed, 20. July 2016, 12:00 h - 14:00 h
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 Emergency Hemp Industry Meeting is this Wednesday, July 20,2016 starting around 12:30 pm, doors open at noon.

Emergency Hemp Industry Meeting July 20th, 2016

Please plan on attending the Emergency Hemp Industry Meeting on July 20, 2016 starting at 12:30 pm, doors open at noon.

For those who cannot make it to Boulder County to Nissi's in Lafayette, CO, there is a remote livestream view location at Hemplements in Colorado Springs (see more below).

This meeting has been put in place to address a very serious, real time issue which is already impacting our Colorado Hemp Industry.

Colorado is the leader in Industrial Hemp in America and the rest of the county will be watching and hearing of how “we” addressed/tackled this issue together. All voices who are currently invested in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution and/or developments of Colorado hemp raw or bi-product materials are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting on July 20th. If you are unable to make it please send a Representative who has authority on your company behalf to attend.

GHC is expecting a representative to attend from CDPHE (Colorado Department of Health and Environment) but has not yet received a firm confirmation of this. CDA has not been asked to attend unlike all other GHC meetings or events since this is not under their regulatory authority and CDA position is very clear on this issue already. Please note that CDA has been and remains to be actively involved in this issue.

What will we discussing: In a nut shell: a time line of events and facts will be presented in regards to CDPHE new position on Hemp in food, which includes all parts of the plants (ie. CBD) as adulterated (aka illegal) ingredients with the exception of hemp pressed seed oil or other bi products from “sterilized” hemp seed (both domestically grown or imported are acceptable).

In other words, anyone who is producing or planning on producing a human consumable product out of hemp materials other the seed is NOT LEGAL via state or federal.

This includes existing items like hemp tea, hemp honey infused with CBD, any hemp foods using hemp concentrate/extract, flower, leaf, stalk, root, tinctures etc using either domestically grown hemp and or imported hemp materials (ie CBD).

This is fact not fiction and in place now.

Statements/Quotes from CDPHE regarding the use of hemp in food:

"...No other plant matter can be used..."

...Hemp for food use, the only hemp approved for food use is sterilized seed, sterilized meal or seed flour or the oil pressed from sterilized seed, it is the only product approved from food use.."

"...the other plant matter is not under our jurisdiction, because it is not recognized as food...."

"cbd...has not been proven safe for food use..."

"...conversations went through legal counsel, my division director, federal partners both in Washington and the Denver district, and our position is that only sterilized seed and the few components of that."


**Please CLICK HERE for more detailed info of what will be reviewed and discussed at the meeting.*

There will be a live stream at Hemplements ( in Colorado Springs for those who cannot make it to Boulder County.  There will not be a live stream online due to the vote.  Please be sure to state the location you will be attending in an RSVP email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fee is $10 to cover the cost of the venue.  Must RSVP.  Water will be served.  Please let me know if you would like access to a drink station (soda, coffee, tea, etc.) for an additional $10.  There will be ample space and parking to fit everyone at both locations.

This is NOT a festival or hemp event with vendors.  GHC is hosting a critical meeting regarding major matters impacting us all and to discuss possible solutions.

Ticket Link -

Locations: Nissi's Entertainment Venue & Event Center

2675 North Park Dr, Lafayette, Colorado 80026

Time: 12:00 - 2:00 pm
Remote LiveStream viewing Location:

Hemplements in Colorado Springs
22 E Bijou St
Colorado Springs, CO

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**Please note there will be no record on any cell phones during private discussions or possible vote which may take place. If you are found in volition of this single request you will be removed from the meeting, required to delete audio/video and will receive no refund. Please respect the privacy of the multiple stakeholders who will be at this meeting.